Alex & Anth Waterfall Shoot

Alex & Anth and myself had been planning this photo shoot for months, before COVID-19 hit. So once lockdown restrictions had been eased, it felt great getting back outside with my camera and doing what I love. We had planned to do this shoot the week before but the weather was terrible and we postponed it to the following week. We figured a week day would be better, as less people at the waterfall. We set of early in convoy and headed up the A1 towards Northumberland National Park. We arrived at a single track mud track and bumped into a farmer herding his sheep. He told us we could park a little closer, which saved us about another 1.5 mile on to our walk. We parked up and set off, Alex was wearing her wedding dress under her tracksuit bottoms and Anth was carrying his wedding suit in a backpack. We set off on our walk and after about 30 mins arrived at the stunning waterfall. We were the only people there and as they both got ready, I set my camera up. 

The waterfall itself was absolutely stunning but tight for places to stand and I found myself having to cross over the stream with my camera kit, whilst trying not to fall in. This enabled me to get some wider shots of them next to the waterfall. Before hand Alex had said she had wanted to trash the dress and get some shots in the water, with the veil flowing behind her. We all got into the water up to our ankles and got some lovely shots. 

They then decided that they wanted to jump in to spout, where the waterfall goes into.   I got myself ready at the bottom of the waterfall and Alex and Anth perched themselves on the edge ready to jump in. Anth started to count to 3 and Alex started to have second thoughts. On the count of 3 Anth jumped and Alex pulled her hand back. The next moment Anth hit the water and Alex put her hand over her mouth in shock (the photos of this are hilarious!). Anth eventually remerged and said ‘you’re definitely going in now!’ to Alex! They went for the second take and both took the plunge! The photos looked great and we decided on a final take. They jumped in one last time and then  I decided to have a go as well! It was fresh!!! What an amazing photo shoot and some of my favourite photos ever. Thanks so much again to Alex and Anth, you’re both absolute legends! 

If anyone else would like to set up a planned photo shoot like this, just drop me message. Whether it’s for a pre-wedding shoot, or your wedding has been postponed or cancelled and you want to mark the occasion or even a trash your dress shoot like this one, I’d love to help plan it with you and get some amazing photos! 



Eye of the Tyne

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