Micro Weddings

I’ve been lucky enough to capture over 10 micro weddings since lockdown restrictions ended, so I’m in a better position than most to comment on what they are really like. 

First of all micro weddings are nothing new. I’ve been shooting smaller, intimate weddings well before COVID came along and spoilt the (big) party. However under the current guidelines, it looks like micro weddings are here for a little while longer. So I’ve done a little blog all about them and how beautiful they can be. In my blog I’ve also tried to answer any questions that couples who are considering having a micro wedding might have:

1: Why get married now?  

Imagine wanting to get married so much, that not even a global pandemic can stop you. The weddings I’ve photographed since lockdown have been so sweet and the couples literally above all else, just wanted to get married to each other. In the words of one of my brides Olivia: 

We did it for love and nothing else mattered. Six weeks ago we decided we just couldn’t wait any longer to be husband and wife, so we decided to plan a secret wedding

There were times we didn’t think it would happen due to lockdowns and restrictions but we made it! The sun shone down on us and it was so unbelievably special. LOVE WON and always will’ 

2. How will I choose only 15 guests? 

Under the current guidelines you’re only allowed 15 guests to attend your wedding. That means you’re only going to have the people who are closest and mean the most to you, there to witness you get married. These small ceremonies have been so emotional and you can really feel the love in the room. Some of the guests haven’t seen each other at all this year due to lockdown, so it’s a joy to see people catching up with their loved ones again. Due to only having 15 guests, you will get lots of time to speak with them all as well.

3. Will my guests have to wear masks?

At the moment your guests are only required to wear masks during the wedding ceremony. The ceremonies have been a lot shorter and are lasting around 10-15 minutes, which is a very small part of your day. Some couples have been getting really creative with the mask situation and I’ve seen them providing beautiful white masks for their guests to wear. One of the most ingenious ideas I’ve seen, was clear masks for guests, so you can still see their smiles and reactions during the ceremony. 

4. Will the staff be wearing masks? 

As with restaurants and bars, the staff will be wearing masks to protect you and your guests. Your make up artist, hair dresser, photographer and videographer will also be wearing masks as well. 

5. Can we still have a first dance?

Absolutely! Every wedding I’ve shot since lockdown has had a first dance and it’s been beautiful to watch. Some venues have either asked guests to watch it from their tables or to gather in their bubbles to watch from the sidelines. 

6. What will the photographs look like? 

Your guests will only be wearing masks during the ceremony, so I will still capture lots of smiley photos of you and your guests enjoying yourselves. With you only having 15 guests, it also frees up a little bit more time to get lots of epic couple shots as well! 

7. What about a party and a dance?

At the moment you might not be able to have a huge party and a dance. However some of the couples I’ve photographed have already decided to get married now and to throw a big party once things have settled down. Might even be an excuse to wear your wedding outfits again!

Whilst I’ve had a lot of weddings postponed due to COVID, I’ve also had some NEW weddings booked into my diary for the next few months. With couples literally just wanting to have a small wedding and using this as an opportunity to get married in front of their closest friends and family. If you are considering having a micro wedding and have any more questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and I will try my best to answer them.


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