Darlington Journeys

I was commissioned by Newcastle Building Society to document the people of Darlington for a project called ‘Darlington Journeys’. For this project I had to tell the story of this market town and celebrate it’s rich history. I researched the local area and learnt about Darlington’s famous indoor market and clocktower, how it was the birthplace of the modern railway and it’s links to the Quaker religion. I then started visiting the likes of the indoor market, railway museum and the Quaker meeting house and persuaded lots of the local residents to be a part of this project. I photographed the Mayor of Darlington inside the famous clocktower. The lead engineer from the Darlington A1 locomotive trust, who had built the first working steam train in England since the 1960’s. A Quaker inside the historic meeting house. A fruit seller from the market, whose family have occupied a stall in there for over 145 years and a bowls player and local historian. Once I’d finished capturing the photographs, I was asked to curate a digital exhibition, which was then displayed both online and on TV screens, within the new Darlington branch of Newcastle Building Society. They also produced a book with the images and stories which is still on show at the branch in Darlington. 

Darlington Woodland Bowling Club

Darlington Hippodrome restoration

Quaker Dorothy inside the Quaker Meeting House

Robin Blair - Fruit Seller inside Darlington Indoor Market. His family have run a stall in the market for over 145 years

Mayor of Darlington inside Clocktower

Ian at A1 Locomotive Trust, building the first full size steam train in UK since 1960’s

South Park Bowling Team

Ellie & Tori the wardens at the Quaker Meeting House

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