Pre-Wedding Shoots

Love definitely isn’t cancelled! This summer despite COVID putting a stop to so many weddings, it hasn’t stopped lots of couples contacting me and asking me to capture their love for one another. Whether it’s an engagement shoot, a pre-wedding shoot or even a photo shoot on what would have been their original wedding day, I’ve done some pretty awesome photoshoots this year. Including sunrise on the Tyne Bridge, swimming in the North Sea, walking along Hadrian’s Wall and even jumping off waterfalls in Northumberland. I’ve loved planning every single one of these photo shoots with my couples!! 

That’s why I’m offering a new package and for only £150 you too, can have some banging photos and loads of fun in the process!! Drop me a message and let’s plan something pretty special together! I’ve got a few more ideas I’m just dying to try out!!! Here are some examples of some of the photos that I’ve captured on these shoots this year…..

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