Kate & Paul Wedding on Banks of River Tweed

Kate & Paul were married in the beautiful village of Norham in Northumberland last July. They went for the ultimate DIY wedding and set up their own Tipi on the banks of the River Tweed, which separates England and Scotland at that point on the map. 

Kate and Paul are literally the most outdoorsy couple in the world and had even been for a swim in the River Tweed earlier that week, to cool off whilst setting up the Tipi! So when I suggested they both climb in the River for some photos, there was no hesitation at all from them! I even took my socks and shoes off and got in as well! 

Also at one point of the day we crossed over the river into Scotland, leaving their wedding guests back in England for a few minutes! This is the first and only time I’ve ever left the country with a bride and groom halfway through the wedding day! We did however give the guests a quick wave over the River Tweed and quickly got back to party the night away! 

Paul had proposed to Kate at the Horse Racing, so they had a bit of a Horse racing theme going. In keeping with that we even staged a race of our own, with the groomsmen carrying the bridal party! Chaos ensued when one of them fell at the final hurdle and were seen rolling around the banks of there Tweed! 

This was such a unique wedding and such a unique couple and a total blast to photograph!!

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