Imogen & Dave Sunrise in Cullercoats

The 3.30am alarm clock was absolutely brutal but the sunrise was soooooooo worth it! Imogen and Dave both work for CBK Adventure in Cullercoats and teach paddle boarding and kayaking. They also occasionally get their pupils to jump off the pier into the freezing North Sea, so I just knew they’d be up for this kind of shoot! 

After waiting weeks for the right weather conditions, we finally met up at Cullercoats bay just after 4am and just before the sunrise. On the horizon there looked like a layer of cloud and we weren’t sure whether we were going to get a decent sunrise at all but we thought we’d hang around and see. I got Imogen and Dave up on the pier and we waited. I used my phone to work exactly where the sun was going to come up and got myself into position with my long lens on. They were a little higher up than me and had spotted the sun starting to creep over the horizon. It was game on! The sun slowly moved up and behind Imogen and Dave and looked amazing. After the sun was up we did some more shots in and around the bay and the lighting was just perfect. At the end of the shoot I asked Imogen and Dave if they still fancied jumping off the pier. After a few minutes of Imogen talking herself into it, they went over the edge and fell around 15ft into the  North Sea….. SPLASH!!! I quickly looked over the edge and got some shots of them swimming around the pier and back to the stairs. They both got out put on their warm coats and had a coffee that Dave had prepared for them and cuddled each other, whilst watching the sun slowly rise over the sea. Just perfect! Huge thanks again to Imogen and Dave, you’re both absolute legends!!!

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